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Get an all-in-one desktop system, physical network, and virtual cloud network solution for your business.


IntelliOffice provides a complete, managed, desktop-to-cloud office solution in a box.

With so many hardware, network, application, and service options available for any office environment, it’s difficult to know which solution and service is right for your business.

IntelliOffice simplifies the process and gets you up and running fast with an end-to-end, turnkey business network in a box. It’s an end-to-end, hassle-free service built on the latest hardware and software from the world’s leading manufacturers and developers.

With IntelliOffice, you get desktop-to-cloud managed office services including installation, ongoing management, maintenance and support for all hardware, software, and cloud networking elements.

All you have to add is power.

Eliminate IT Network Challenges

When you opt for IntelliOffice service, our experienced team of experts creates a custom desktop-to-cloud network solution designed from the ground up for your unique business environment.

Our networking experts:

  • Analyze your current network and business communications needs
  • Select the hardware and software that will best meet your requirements
  • Configure and integrate all elements
  • Test the end-to-end solution before installation
  • Install all elements, including desktop and notebook computers, servers, network switches, backup systems, firewalls, and workgroup applications
  • Configure all workstations and accessories

Beyond installation, we provide complete ongoing management, maintenance, and support of all hardware and software.

Eliminate Capital Costs

IntelliOffice is offered on a fixed-rate, predictable monthly rate plan, which allows you to better manage cash flow by conserving your capital and buying power.

This complete solution and service approach eliminates the initial start-up and ongoing capital costs associated with creating, managing, and maintaining an integrated, desktop-to-cloud IT network.

IntelliOffice eliminates the challenge of selecting, configuring, deploying, and managing the right combination of hardware and software required to get your business operating efficiently.

Configure your desktop-to-cloud office solution in a box.Contact us