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Replace costly phone lines, switches and cabling, and reduce monthly phone costs with a full-featured internet telephony and unified communications solution.


IntelliSyn internet telephony solutions provide all the call functionality of traditional voice systems at half the cost.

Enhance productivity and reduce operating costs with the latest internet telephony solutions from IntelliSyn.

Our internet telephony solutions are engineered to provide reliable, cost-effective voice service and easy-to-use unified communications and collaboration at every desktop on Internet phones and networked PCs.

And because they leverage the internet to provide IP-based voice services, all calls are free of charge.

With our internet telephony solutions, your employees get enhanced communication and superior collaboration tools they can rely on. You get to:

  • Improve productivity with presence, desktop-based call control, and extension management
  • Increase collaboration with browser-based web meetings employees can launch with just a few mouse clicks
  • Enable employees to identify callers and improve the customer experience through integration with leading customer relationship management software
  • Connect remote offices with Internet telephony bridges that eliminate inter-office call charges
  • Allow employees at home or on the road to access the system and make calls without incurring long distance charges
  • Save on long distance charges by enabling employees to use Android® and iPhone® voice over IP (VoIP) applications on their handheld devices
  • Leverage one-click softphone calling capabilities on Windows® and Apple® computers

Make the move to full-featured Internet telephony and unified communications. Contact us