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Move up to internet telephony and unified communications and collaboration.


IntelliTalk offers crystal-clear voice and desktop-to-cloud collaboration tools you can use anywhere, any time.

Traditional voice-based business systems are no longer the most efficient and cost-effective option for daily business communications.

IntelliTalk is a unified communications and collaboration solution for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and medium to large enterprises. It replaces costly phone lines, switches, and cabling with an easy-to-use internet telephony service. And it provides all the call functionality of traditional voice systems at half the cost.

Choose the Ideal Configuration and Options

This complete, turnkey voice calling solution is available as IntelliTalk SMB for businesses with up to eight extensions or IntelliTalk Enterprise for businesses with nine or more extensions. Both versions offer a variety of standard and optional features that enable users to optimize workflows by leveraging unified communications at their desk or from a smartphone while on the move.

Best of all, IntelliTalk is structured to scale with your business as your needs change. Businesses starting with IntelliTalk SMB can upgrade to IntelliTalk Enterprise at any time. And IntelliTalk Enterprise can scale to a virtually unlimited number of extensions.

Move Up To Internet Voice

Once IntelliTalk is configured to fit your business, employees can use a single number to make or receive calls wherever they are. Calls are seamlessly integrated with the system to appear to callers as if employees are in the office. And because IntelliTalk leverages the internet to provide IP-based voice services, employees can connect with their IntelliTalk service from anywhere in the world.

Integrate All Communications

IntelliTalk also goes beyond voice communications with fully integrated unified communications options that provide enhanced communication and superior collaboration tools you can rely on to stay connected with customers, partners, and suppliers.

Reduce Setup and Management Costs

IntelliTalk is easy to set up, manage, and maintain. IntelliSyn installs and configures the end-to-end solution and provides user applications for smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Best of all, IntelliTalk desktop phones are plug-and-play. Simply connect a phone into your network and it automatically configures itself for your work environment.

And once your phone system is up and running, IntelliSyn will manage all your IP phones, features, and firmware updates as part of your IntelliTalk service.

IntelliTalk is easy to set up, manage, and maintain. There’s no need for manual configuration of phone lines, switches, routers, or gateways.

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