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Provide all your employees with secure anywhere, anytime, any device access to business information and communication services.


IntelliSyn mobile office solutions offer crystal clear voice and desktop-to-cloud unified communications and collaboration tools that keep your business moving with you.

Your business is no longer restricted by the location of your desk. It needs to be wherever you are, whenever your customers need you.

So why settle for traditional business communications solutions that are hard-wired into the walls of your office?

Set your business interactions free with IntelliSyn’s full-featured mobile office solutions.

Our mobile office solutions:

  • Include a smartphone app and desktop software for Apple® or Windows® devices
  • Allow employees to use their office voice and unified communications and collaboration services from anywhere on any device
  • Enable employees to use a single number to make or receive calls wherever they are
  • Integrate seamlessly with your office system to appear to callers as if your employees are in the office
Mobile Office Solutions

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