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Why a Hardwired Internet Connection Is Sometimes Better Than Wi-Fi

By April 3, 2017November 7th, 2018Blog
Why a Hardwired Internet Connection Is Sometimes Better Than Wi-Fi

While Wi-Fi has become an efficient way to connect multiple devices to the same network — without all those pesky wires — there are still advantages to hardwiring your business’ internet connection.

An Ethernet cable connection offers three distinct advantages over Wi-Fi:

  1. Speed: Although Wi-Fi has become significantly faster over the last few years, a hardwired connection is still the fastest and most direct link to a network. It’s the best way to get the speed you need to access information and multimedia services. Wi-Fi isn’t as direct and it’s slower.
  2. Safety: A hardwired network connection is a lot safer than a Wi-Fi connection. With today’s advanced tools, hackers can get access to a Wi-Fi network easily. A hardwired connection is much harder to access and hack.
  3. Interference: By its very nature, a Wi-Fi link is far more likely to be affected by interference than a hardwired connection. Neighboring networks operating in the same frequency and other devices using Wi-Fi can affect the performance of a Wi-Fi connection. A hardwired connection is free from this interference and is able to connect seamlessly.

Quick tip: If your business does have Wi-Fi, ensure the router is configured as a private access point so it doesn’t broadcast its existence to the world. This way, you significantly reduce the likelihood that an unwanted snooper will hop on your Wi-Fi network. Guests and employees can still access the router manually.

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