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Top Cloud Tools for Your Small Business

By June 19, 2017Blog

When it comes to the cloud, knowing which of the many tools are most effective for business productivity can be intimidating.

Choosing the top ones, in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness, can greatly improve the way your business operates.

Take a look at these top cloud tools for your small business:

  • Cloud Phone: For small businesses whose employees use their personal cellphones as their main line of communication, Cloud Phone allows for a more formal business image by providing a local phone number — with the option for employee extensions — that connects to the user’s cellphone.
  • WePay: Small-business owners can use this cloud-based tool to design a platform that accesses accounts, accepts payments, and makes withdrawals easily, all while being tailored to your business’ unique preferences.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud: This tool allows users to access its sales platform from any desktop or mobile device, making closing deals simple anywhere.

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