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4 Ways to Organize Your Workspace to Increase Productivity

By April 23, 2018June 22nd, 2018Blog
4 Ways to Organize Your Workspace to Increase Productivity

Where you work and how organized your space is affects how well you work.

A well-organized workspace emits a sense of control, reduces the possibility of distractions, and, ultimately, provides a productive environment.

Here are four ways to organize your workspace for increased productivity:

  • Purge and Keep Clear: Throw away anything that isn’t work-related or is unnecessary to the workspace. Less on your desk, less distractions.
  • Rearrange: Switch up the positioning of your office furniture for a feeling of newness. Also, the arrangement of your office is important to the flow of how you work — if you can’t reach or access important documents, files, or tech equipment because of the layout of your office, your productivity isn’t being optimized.
  • Create two zones: One for tech work and one for non-tech work. Keep your computer, cords, and any other tech in one zone while paper documents, writing utensils, and other non-tech items are separate in the second zone. This will allow one zone for primary computer work and the other for secondary work tools, making swapping between the two seamless.
  • Create a filing system: File all physical papers and documents in a filing system that has a labeling or ordering structure — to access important documents easily.

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