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4 Ways to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

By April 30, 2018June 22nd, 2018Blog
4 Ways to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is a great tool for those who want to work or surf the internet on the go.

Although it’s of great convenience, it can be unsafe — if precautions aren’t followed.

Don’t take the chance of assuming your data and files are secure and safe from access on a public Wi-Fi network.

Check out four safety precautions you can do to prevent your data from being at risk when using public Wi-Fi:

  1. Turn sharing off: Sharing files at home on your private, password-protected network is fine. But turn sharing off when using public Wi-Fi to prevent anyone else using that network from accessing your computer, data, and files.
  2. Enable firewall: Enabling firewall on your computer keeps your data protected from viruses and is especially important when using a public Wi-Fi network.
  3. Use HTTPS and SSL instead of HTTP: Using HTTPS when visiting websites and SSL when using applications that access the internet encrypts the data passed between your computer and the internet, keeping it secure and inaccessible, unlike the typical HTTP connection.
  4. Turn Wi-Fi off when not in use: Guarantee you’re protected by simply turning Wi-Fi off when not needing internet. It’s the most foolproof way of ensuring your computer, data, and files remain safe.

Contact IntelliSyn for more information on how to protect yourself when using public Wi-Fi networks.