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Reset Your Router! Evade Newest Malware

By June 11, 2018October 25th, 2018Blog
Reset Your Router! Evade Newest Malware

Routers from a range of manufacturers have been infected with malware linked to a hacking group called Fancy Bear.

The malware, infecting from Russia, blocks web traffic, collects information that passes through home and office routers, and disables devices entirely.

Here are three things to do to safeguard your small business or home router against this malware:

  1. Reset your router: This will temporarily disrupt this malware if it is present.
  2. Upgrade firmware/new password: Ensure the latest firmware is in place and select a new, secure password.
  3. Disable remote-management settings: The F.B.I. suggests disabling any remote-management settings.

These quick tips will keep your router and devices safe from this malware, which has infected hundreds of thousands of routers so far.

Contact IntelliSyn today for more information on how to keep your business or office data and devices safe from harmful malware.

—Chris Stratton