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Don’t Be Scared of the Cloud — It’s Secure!

By June 25, 2018July 4th, 2018Blog
Don’t Be Scared of the Cloud — It’s Secure!

Using the cloud for data storage or transfer is becoming more and more common today.

And many worry that because it’s accessed through the internet it’s unsafe.

But be assured, the cloud is secure.

Through encryption, the cloud is made secure, whether in transit to or at rest in the cloud server. Cloud users can also choose to control their encryption keys and who can and can’t access their data and applications.

The way data is encrypted, by being split into chunks and separately encrypted and stored for maximum security, ensures data and application safety and security.

With a good cloud provider, your data and applications will be safe and secure from attackers and in disasters.

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Get the right balance of on-premises and virtual networks with our cloud networking solutions.

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