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A Custom or an Off-The-Shelf Storage System?

By February 25, 2019March 19th, 2019Blog
A Custom or an Off-The-Shelf Storage System?

Businesses of all sizes require storage systems for their important business files and data.

Choosing which type of storage system is ideal for your business can be daunting, but knowing the benefits of both custom and off-the-shelf storage systems helps narrow down the choices.

Whether opting for the cloud or for a local network storage offering, it’s good to know the main benefit of both custom and off-the-shelf storage solutions.

Custom storage system benefit: A custom storage system allows you to control the power of the CPU and the amount of RAM, meaning you can configure the power and speed of the storage system as desired, whereas off-the-shelf storage systems often comes preconfigured, without the ability to adjust specs.

Off-the-shelf storage system benefit: While a custom storage system gives you to option to tailor to your needs, off-the-shelf storage systems are more commonly optimized for responsiveness, and are better equipped to handle any issues and larger volumes of data. They are also less expensive.

For storing your business’ important data and files, both custom and off-the-shelf storage systems are advantageous, it all depends on your business’ specific storage requirements.

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