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Cloud Computing Predictions for 2019

By March 25, 2019May 2nd, 2019Blog
Cloud Computing Predictions for 2019

Cloud computing is ever-evolving, and new technologies and trends follow it.

New things are on the horizon as 2019 progresses, especially in terms of cloud computing.

Stay ahead of the game by knowing how it could affect your small business:

  • Accelerated multi-cloud adoption: Large cloud computing providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google will have to shift from offering broad services to unique, specific ones due to customers using multiple clouds for different business operations. Businesses don’t have to get a complete offering from a singular source, but can pick and choose what works for them.
  • Cloud AI and automation: Industry experts are expecting cloud technology to integrate a variety of AI-driven technologies, allowing businesses to transform how they use different technologies. This could give businesses of all sizes competitive edge over others.
  • Cloud computing skills lacking: As the cloud becomes more and more popular and the new default for businesses, shortages of skilled cloud computing staff could happen. The cloud requires very specialized skills that are hard to find and that are extremely in demand, making them expensive.

Cloud computing is the future, and businesses need to be aware of all the good and bad that comes with it as it becomes more prevalent and changes the way businesses run.

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