Service Spotlight: IntelliSupport

Service Spotlight: IntelliSupport

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Tired of wasting time and energy getting your IT infrastructure to work efficiently?

With IntelliSupport you don’t have to worry about whether or not your IT infrastructure is working the way it should. And you don’t have to use precious business resources and time maintaining it yourself.

IntelliSupport eliminates downtime and allows you to complement, extend, or completely outsource your IT support needs. It provides customized, desktop-to-cloud IT infrastructure management.

With IntelliSupport, you can rest easy. We’ve got you covered for everything from network consulting to complete help desk technical support for desktop systems, physical networks, virtual networks, and everything in between, including servers, routers, switches, and wireless access points.

You choose the level of service you need. We do the rest.

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Don’t Let Sinkholes Bring Your Business Crashing Down

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As I’m sure most of you have seen, Ottawa’s downtown area businesses have experienced a decline in productivity these past few days after a giant sinkhole has left Rideau Street torn apart.

Fortunately, with the only casualty being an empty van, the sinkhole hasn’t caused any injuries.

Businesses in the area, including the Rideau Centre mall, have been temporarily closed due to safety. And, while many have been worried about missing the 2 for 1 deals at the Rideau Centre, I have been thinking about the consequences that a disaster like this can have on businesses affected by a disaster that affects its IT infrastructure.

Whether it’s a natural or accidental (or intentional) disaster, any business can unexpectedly find itself in a situation that negatively affects business continuity.

Would your business be able to cope with its physical location being closed for an unknown amount of time?

Would it be able to overcome IT equipment or data damage?

Would you have the support you need to get back on your feet?

Luckily IntelliSyn has the solutions for all of these business-at-stake IT questions!

Firstly, IntelliOffice allows you to get your business’ IT up and running fast with an end-to-end, turnkey network in a box so that you’re safe before, during, and after any type of disaster. You get installation, ongoing management, maintenance, and support for all hardware, software, and cloud networking elements to keep your business running efficiently, no matter what.

But if something does happen, IntelliServer has you covered when you’re worried about losing any important business data or documents. IntelliServer provides hosting and co-location services in state-of-the-art facilities that are backed by complete network administration, maintenance, and reporting. It keeps all of your important business information and data on a hybrid cloud so that you will never lose anything. And you can access what you need at any time, even if your business location is closed!

Also, IntelliTalk makes sure your phone system and communications to your clients and suppliers stay open. No matter what happens it lets you make calls from anywhere with a single number that is integrated with the system to appear to callers as if your employees are in the office.

And last, but not the least important, IntelliSupport makes sure that you will never go without the IT infrastructure management and maintenance you need. We provide desktop-to-cloud management and complete help desk technical support so that you won’t be left to scramble on your own any day of the year, any time of the day.

IntelliSyn has you covered no matter what happens to your business, and no matter where or when—even if your physical location falls into a sinkhole.

Don’t let random disasters like Ottawa’s sinkhole, or even a coffee spill on a keyboard, have an effect on how you run your business.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our services or if you want to secure your business!

Chris Stratton

IntelliSyn CEO Chris Stratton Presents at SBA Seminar

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Chris Stratton, CEO of IntelliSyn — and President of the company’s Canadian division — was a hit at the Small Business Association’s (SBA) Breakfast Seminar held on May 26 at the Macies Best Western on Carling Avenue.

Chris provided insight on how to leverage the latest IT to save on daily operating costs. He also touched on all of the typical IT expense areas, such as communications, hardware, software, and support.

“It was great speaking at the seminar and a pleasure to work with the Small Business Association of Canada,” said Chris. “Small businesses, IntelliSyn included, are always looking to reduce costs, and one of the best ways to do so is to ensure that their business is always leveraging the latest and greatest methods and opportunities in IT. And that’s what IntelliSyn is passionate about doing for its customers.”

For more information on events like this, you can visit the SBA website.

And if you’d like to learn more about leveraging the latest IT to save on your operating costs,  get in touch with IntelliSyn today.

Windows 10 Upgrade Will Come With A Cost

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Have you heard?

Microsoft has announced that upgrading to Windows 10 will cost users money starting July 29th 2016.

Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro will cost $199 while Windows 10 Home will be $119, increasing drastically from its current cost—free.

The upcoming prices match those of the Windows 10 predecessor, Windows 8, when it was first released. Microsoft has always said that the upgrade would start costing users money one year after its release date, and that pricing for single licenses would continue.

Remember, there’s still time! Windows 7 and 8 Pro and Home users can still upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and Home for free before July 29th.

Contact IntelliSyn today if you need help with the shift to Windows 10, or have any questions or concerns about the upgrade.

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Service Spotlight: IntelliServer

Service Spotlight: IntelliServer

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Unhappy with on-site storage solutions and application servers that are costly and inefficient? Check out our IntelliServer service!

IntelliServer provides hosting and co-location services in state-of-the-art facilities. That way you get the ideal balance of public, private, or hybrid cloud-based hosting!

And IntelliServer is backed by complete network administration, maintenance, and reporting that simplifies network, data, and application management. It’s a complete solution that eliminates the daily hassles associated with using and managing advanced IT.

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Essential Resources On The IntelliSyn Insights Page

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The IntelliSyn Insights page is growing!

Now the page offers free access to resources on topics like storage tiering, high performance computing, and cloud computing with just a click of a button! These resources will give you the insights you need into the issues that are affecting today’s business IT environment.

Head over to the Insights page on our website to find out more!

IntelliSyn CEO to Address Small Business Association

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Mark May 26 on your calendar if you’re interested in leveraging the latest IT to save on daily operating costs!

Chris Stratton, IntelliSyn’s CEO, and President of the company’s Canadian division, will be providing insights on the topic at a breakfast meeting presented by the Small Business Association of Canada. Chris will touch on all of the typical IT expense areas — communications, hardware, software, and support. Space is limited, so reserve your seat by visiting the SBA web site.

Who’s The Only Canadian Reseller With A Synology Silver Certification?

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We are!

After a lot of hard work and dedication, we are proud to be a Synology Silver Certified partner — and as of right now, we are the first and only Canadian firm to achieve the status!

What does this mean for you?
As a Synology Silver Certified partner, we can now provide you with the best solutions for your business IT system requirements — to an even greater extent than before!

With Synology, we are able to more effectively:

1)      Narrow down the most ideal solution for your IT hardware needs easier and faster.
2)      Ensure that your critical business data is stored more safely, and backups are done more effectively.
3)      Have access to specialized tools built by Synology that will help us answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

We look forward to all of the benefits of being a Synology Silver Certified partner and bringing you, our current and future clients, these benefits as well.

Check Out Our New Case Study Posted!

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SJA Case Photo

Check out the new case study just posted to our site’s Insights page!

The text outlines how the Federal District Council of St. John Ambulance leveraged the benefits of IntelliOffice and IntelliTalk to consolidate network operations and reduce phone costs by 60%.

The operational improvements and cost savings follow a full technology review and thorough analysis by IntelliSyn. This led to a complete overhaul and consolidation of all business communications services.

It’s a good example of how managed IT services can help improve an organization’s bottom line.

You can read the case study here.

IntelliSyn Launches Insights Page

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Intellisyn Communications

The site looks a bit different now!

That’s because we’ve launched the IntelliSyn Insights page.

This new section is where we’ll be posting our thoughts and analysis on the issues that are affecting today’s business IT environment. You’ll also find out more information on how IntelliSyn can help you get your desktop-to-cloud business communications network optimized for the way you work.

 Check it out!