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Ideal Apple Watch Apps for Work

Ideal Apple Watch Apps for Work

By Blog

Apple Watches aren’t just an aesthetically pleasing piece of jewelry for your wrist, they also offer many helpful productivity apps for work.

Keep productive and up to date with all the latest news with the following Apple Watch apps:

  • Currency: Convert currencies on the go. With this tool on your wrist, you won’t have to have a phone or computer to do quick currency conversions.
  • Canary Mail: Email clients with this third-party email platform that syncs email without the need of a phone.
  • Calbot: Calculate easily and on the move with this calculator tool.
  • Evernote: Stay organized with Evernote, an app that receives reminders and notifications and allows you to view, update, or create new reminders using dictation.
  • Drafts: Transfer or create text and send it to almost any other app or service with Drafts.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Watch and toggle through presentations on your Apple Watch with PowerPoint.

There are so many tools out there to help small business owners and employees work efficiently, and these Apple Watch apps are sure to be beneficial additions to anyone on the go or in the office.

Contact IntelliSyn today to learn more about tech tools that increase work productivity.

Beware: Small Businesses Are at a Higher Risk of Data Breaches

Beware: Small Businesses Are at a Higher Risk of Data Breaches

By Blog

The cost of a data breach has risen 12% over the past five years, costing almost $4 million on average.

Not only does the data breach itself cost money, the increased regulation and resolution following a breach factor into the increasing cost of reparation.

And small businesses suffer more, as the per-employee costs of a breach are higher for businesses with less people:

  • $204 —The per-employee breach-related costs for organizations with more than 25,000 employees
  • $3,533 —The per-employee breach-related costs for organizations with between 500 and 1,000 employees1

This can hamper the financial recovery of small businesses.

Protect your business with IntelliSecure, a scalable, turnkey managed security with unified threat management (UTM) and closed-circuit video surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

IntelliSecure protects your network and data from desktop-to-cloud with firewalls, content filtering, anti-virus, antispam, anti-spyware, data management, and intrusion prevention systems so that the data on your network is protected from the legions of cybercriminals bent on infiltrating and corrupting business systems.

Contact IntelliSyn today to learn more about the effects of data breaches on small businesses and what you can do to ensure your business is protected.


How to Speed up Your Business’ Wi-Fi

How to Speed up Your Business’ Wi-Fi

By Blog

Have you noticed a lag in the speed of your business’ Wi-Fi?

A combination of many things can be the cause of slow internet, specifically over a wireless network.

Speed up the Wi-Fi for your business to keep operations running smoothly.

  • Test the Wi-Fi signal speed: Do a speed test of your office’s Wi-Fi to see if it is performing as intended. This is usually the culprit, and can be the difference between exceptional internet performance and business operations and a hindrance on your business’ efficiency.
  • Update your router: Take a look at the router responsible for enabling the Wi-Fi in your office, and see whether or not it’s time for an upgrade.

If both the signal speed and router are tiptop, here are some tips for boosting Wi-Fi strength:

  • Ensure the router is in a central location for maximum performance throughout the entire office.
  • Elevate the router.
  • Unplug and plug back in the router periodically to reboot it.
  • Ensure the router isn’t near objects that can interfere with the transmission of the Wi-Fi signal. These include microwaves, concrete walls, cordless phones, and large metal objects.

Get what you need out of your business’ Wi-Fi by proactively testing and updating your Wi-Fi equipment.

Contact IntelliSyn today to learn more about optimizing your business’ internet for smooth business operation and maximum efficiency.

How Blockchain Affects Small Business

How Blockchain Affects Small Business

By Blog

A blockchain is a chain of blocks containing a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data.

Mostly used in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, blockchain is also emerging into the world of data transfer, allowing sensitive data to be transferred safely.

With benefits like improved security in transfer of digital media, the removal of middlemen in transactions, and improved settlement time, blockchain is simplifying and speeding up the transfer of data and payments.

With these blockchain advantages, small businesses can reap the rewards of more seamless and quick payment collections, as well as data transfers of sensitive business data.

As blockchain becomes more mainstream and regulated, not only technologists and crypto traders but small businesses will benefit from integrating blockchain into business operations.

Contact IntelliSyn today to learn more about secure, seamless data transfer options for your business.

The Use of Digital Tools Leads to Small Business Success

The Use of Digital Tools Leads to Small Business Success

By Blog

Technology is ever-evolving, and businesses of all sizes are embracing the use of digital tools to engage with their customers and target audiences.

And the more digital engagement, the more success businesses are having, small businesses included.

Small businesses that used an advanced level of digital engagement, meaning more sophisticated digital tools like data analytics and mobile apps, compared to businesses that didn’t, had these successes to report:

– 2 times as much revenue per employee

– 4 times higher yearly revenue growth

– 3 times more likely to create jobs over the previous year

– 6 times higher employment growth rate

– 3 times more likely to have exported goods internationally the previous year

Higher digital engagement allows small businesses to diversify audiences, and reach a larger number of audiences that they may not have previously imagined reaching.

Bring more success to your business by integrating useful digital tools into your everyday operations.

Contact IntelliSyn today to learn more about digital tools for business success.

2 Updates at Once: Office and Microsoft

2 Updates at Once: Office and Microsoft

By Blog

PC updates can be tedious, so why not have two updates happening at once?

Save precious business time by updating Office with Microsoft.

Opt for updating Windows while running a Microsoft update simply by choosing your version of Windows to turn on automatic updates.

This can be done through your computer’s settings, where you can choose how updates are installed, updating other Microsoft products while updating Windows.

Simplify your computer’s regular updates by updating them simultaneously, and get back to what matters most, running your business.

Contact IntelliSyn today to learn more about PC updates and how you can simplify them for your business.

DattoCon19: We Attended!

DattoCon19: We Attended!

By News

Running from June 17-19 in San Diego, California, we had a blast learning real-world business strategies at DattoCon19.

For 3 days, DattoCon19 shared the business building secrets to success, invaluable product and technical best practices, industry trends that matter, growth strategies, and killer networking events filled with a powerful network of MSPs.

We had access to technical experts and peers that shared tips, tricks, trends, and secrets to business success.

With sessions exploring ransomware recovery, networking technologies, managed IT, and so much more, we had a great time talking to other business owners about the essentials of IT business communications.

Be sure to catch the next one, happening in 2020.

—Chris Stratton
CEO, President—Canadian Division

How Small Businesses Can Combat Spam Calls

How Small Businesses Can Combat Spam Calls

By Blog

Receiving unsolicited spam phone calls can be a nuisance and time-consuming for your business.

With different kinds of spam calls such as robocalls and spoofing, learn how you can avoid them altogether and get back to what matters most, your business.

Robocalls are calls made with an autodialer, or are prerecorded messages, and are often made with an artificial voice. Technological advances have allowed robocalls to be made from anywhere in the world, cheaply and easily, and many of them are legal.

Spoofing is when a caller falsifies information, that is then transmitted to your caller ID display, to hide their identity. Spoofing is often used to gain access to important personal information that can be used for fraudulent activity.

Stop unwanted calls and avoid phone scams by talking to your phone company about call blocking tools, and downloading apps for your mobile phone to block unwanted mobile calls.

If you’re already using a blocking technology, let that company know the numbers you are blocking so that they can do the same for others.

And lastly, register your number on the national Do Not Call list. This will ensure legitimate telemarketers avoid calling you, as they consult the list.

Contact IntelliSyn to learn more about spam calls and how to rid your business of them.

Cybersecurity: Managing Your Business’ Online Passwords

Cybersecurity: Managing Your Business’ Online Passwords

By Blog

A lot of business operations occur online, or use online tools to keep a business up and running.

With that online presence comes cyberthreats, requiring you to take precautionary measures to ensure your business’ data, files, and online accounts remain secure.

The most effective way to eliminate the chance of hackers and stay protected is by managing your passwords on an ongoing basis for all your business’ online accounts.

Considering the number of online accounts a business must have to maintain smooth operations, constant consideration of account security can feel daunting.

Here are two easy strategies that will hinder hackers from accessing your business’ online accounts:

  1. Two-step verification: Many online account companies will offer the ability for an account holder to have a two-step verification process to be able to access their account. The first step being the typical password, and the second step being another example of identification (i.e., card number, fingerprint, etc.), making it far more difficult for a hacker to access an account. While many passwords can be hacked, the secondary step adds an extra layer of protection where only the account holder will be able to verify the details.
  2. Password management service: To have randomized, strong passwords that hackers won’t be able to guess, enlist the help of a password management service. A password management service will generate a random, strong password that only you have access to, and will remember that password for you for easy sign in. They will also notify you if a site you use has been breached, keeping you in the loop and allowing you to protect your account before anything happens to it, if need be.

Keeping your business’ online accounts protected can seem overwhelming, especially as new cyberthreats emerge and increase daily.

Knowing how to add extra protection by managing your online passwords could mean the difference between a business operating at peak performance and one that is shut down.

Contact IntelliSyn today to learn more about protecting your business’ information and data, especially online.

How to Tell It’s Time for a New Computer Monitor

How to Tell It’s Time for a New Computer Monitor

By Blog

Every piece of technology eventually reaches its end of life. But how can you tell it’s time for something new, especially when it comes to computer monitors for your business computers?

Stay on top of your tech by knowing the signs of a computer monitor that’s beginning to go:

  • Lines or spots: Lines that appear on-screen or bright, white spots where colored pixels previously were are two signs the screen itself is damaged and is losing its ability to display full resolution and color like it once had.
  • Blurriness: A blurry display, or one that flickers, may cause distortions in color or lines on the screen due to the magnetic field emitted by the speaker systems. The magnet inside the speaker might have magnetized the part of the screen showing these color or line distortions. Many monitors have a degaussing option that demagnetizes the screen; with newer models doing it automatically and older ones needing it done manually. But if the source of the magnetism is constant, it may prevent degaussing from working, meaning monitor replacement is necessary.
  • All black: If a monitor is all black or completely fails to turn on, check the connecting cables first to see if that might be the problem. If not, you’ll know it’s time for a new monitor.

Be aware of when it’s time to replace your business’ computer monitors by spotting the signs.

Contact IntelliSyn today to learn more about the best hardware for your business.